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Staff List

Picture 1 Emma McGrenaghan SENCO (Headteacher)
Picture 2 Chris Blackburn AHT (Maths,ICT and learning lead)
Picture 3 Jane Inquieti-Lamb (Early Years Leader)
Picture 4 Helen Robinson Y2 (Humanities, Coaching & RE Lead)
Picture 5 Sophie Stevenson Y4 (Science and Music Lead)
Picture 6 Heidi Parry F1 and 2 ( PSHCE Healthy Schools)
Picture 7 Fiona Senior F2 (Art and Design Lead)
Picture 8 Sue Arnold HLTA (Assistant SENCO)
Picture 9 Laura Lord (TA - Behaviour Lead)
Picture 10 Andrea Allcock (TA)
Picture 11 Becky Gascoigne (TA-Pastrol Lead)
Picture 12 Anglea Bowles (TA)
Picture 13 Sue Stocks (TA)
Picture 14 Cheryl Oliver (TA)
Picture 15 Claire Greasby (Office Manager)
Picture 16 Angie Dixon (School cook)
Picture 17 Sharon Hunt
Picture 18 Karen Kirk (Senior Mid-day Supervisor)
Picture 19 Mauren Ufton (Mid-day supervisor)
Picture 20 Jo Hind (Mid-day supervisor)
Picture 21 Karen Spencer (Mid-day supervisor)
Picture 22 Barbara Ball (Mid-day supervisor)