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Termly Awards

Termly Awards Autumn 2017


Reader- Dannie Duke

Writer- Alana Lye

Maths- Joshua Bowler

Star- Kaeden Akers


Year 1

Reader- Jack Marriott

Writer- Eva Rose Palmer

Maths- Daylan Ansell

Star- Layla Jones


Year 2

Reader- Mason Golding

Writer- Alvic Deen- Kamara

Maths- Charlie Cyster

Star- Harrison Lye


Year 3

Reader Alfie Rebec

Writer- Spencer Jaynes Haron

Maths- Jarry Waterall

Star- Finlay


Year 4

Rewader Ruby Jones

Writer-Kaci Jones

Maths- Conner Stanbridge

Star- Arani Indiran


Year 5

Reader- Millie Golding

Writer- Elise Milner

Maths-Oliver Inger

Star- Ruby Sadeghi


Year 6

Reader- Kieron Jones

Writer- Grace Marriot

Maths- Megan Gebbie

Star- Alia Worrell


Termly Awards Summer 2017


Star- Felicity Holtram

Reader- Tyler Allinson

Writer - Joshua Burrows

Maths- Tyler Golding


Year 1

Star- Oscar Edwards

Reader Ethan Bostock

Writer- Emelia Wright

Maths- Joseph Faulkner



Star- Ellie Oliver

Reader- Ryan Bennett

Writer- Charlotte Edward-James

Maths- Charlie Stevenson


Year 3

Star- Paul Smith-Pepper

Reader- Lexie Gebbie

Maths- Remy O'Shea


Year 4

Star- Mason Barlow

Reader- Freya Buxton

Writer- Kyran Thompson

Maths- Lily Smith.


Year 5

Star- Zack Bradley

Reader- Harley Sweet

Writer- Megan Gebbie

Maths- Maria-Lola Weston- Hung


Year 6

Star- Issac Mardle

Reader- Ruby

Writer- Paige Turner

Maths- Mikey Gascoigne

Termly Awards Spring 2017


Star Jack Marriott

Reader Riley Rushton

Writer Gracie Mae

maths Layla Jones


Year 1

Star- Jacob Turner

Reader- Ethan Bostock

Writer-Archie Gregory

Maths Corey Jones


Year 2

Star- Harry Waterall

Reader- Eva Hunt

Writer- Amber Waterall

Maths- Ewan Robinson


Year 3

Star- Chloe Oates

Reader- Kaci Jones

Writer- Bethany Turner

maths- Tyler Wood


Year 4

Star- Cully Morley

Reader- Mason Barlow

Writer- Owen Weightman

Maths- Holly Derbyshire


Year 5

Star- Jodie McAteer

Reader-Rhys Higgins

Writer-Charlie Jones

Maths- Matteus Gascoigne


Year 6

Star- Sharday Bowler

Reader- Issac Mardle

Writer- George Skevington

Maths- Zoe Marriot

Spring 1 Dojo celebrations 2019


This term the children enjoyed  a session of Valentine based  activities which included: decorating heart shaped biscuits, creating heart themed dream catches and eating delicious heart shaped crumpets 

Our 2 Dojo winners from each class were:  Macie Pownell, Ruby Alana Lye, Gracie-Mae Jepson, Aimee Oliver, Charlie Cyster,,Avic Deen-Kamara, Miley Hodgekinson, Harry Waterall, Imogen Gascoigne,Remy O'Shea, Oliver Sadler and Hayden Gisbourne. A very big well done to them all, All of Lawrence view  gained a massive  22,476   points overall.

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Termly Awards

Every term 4 children in each class are selected for a special award. This could be Reader, Writer, Mathematician or Star of the term.

Autumn Term 2016 winners.

This terms winners are:

Reader of the Term

Mikey Gascoigne, Kaitlin Duke, Ellie Kerry, Lily May Mitchel, Harrison Lye,Lydia Allinson,Max Allen

Writer of the Term

Ruby Annable, Matilda Hunt, Lois Alton, Lindon Steed, Liam Battison, Charlie Conway, Jacob Larner.

Mathematician of the Term

Keira Dane, Millie Richards, Oliver Sadler, Paul Pepper Smith, Lucy, Chloe Jones, Lenoardo Teixeva.

Overall star of the Term

Ellie Bartram, Will Meakin, Mason Flint, Arani Indiran, Alvic Deen- Kamara, Caitlyn Marper, Aimee Oliver.

Summer term 2016

This terms winners are:

Reader of the term

Bradley Pickworth, Kaci Jones, Abbie Burton, Jodie McAteer, Sharday Bowler, Freya Meakin,

Writer of the Term

Lola Penny, Spencer Jaynes Haron, Linden Steed, Ella Bennett, Maria Lola Weston-Hung, Ellie bartram, Ioan Oakley.

Mathematician of the Term

Tia McGhee, Jurgen Schandorf, Imogen Gascoigne, Emilia Bowler,Grace Marriott, Lucie Tuljova, Connor McGhee

Star of the Term.

Ivan Tulejova, Emmy Golding, Bethanie Burton, Daniel Utley, Tom Stack, Amy Hartle, William Lord

Spring Term 2016

This terms winners of the awards are.

Reader of the term

Harrison Lye, Jack Morrison, Chloe Oates, Mason Barlow, Charlie Jones, Ruby Annable and Caitlin Inkster.

Writer of the term

Jacob Turner, Riley Hind, Tyler Wood, Daniel Utley, Zack Bradley, Mikey Gascoigne and Daisy Jones.

Mathematician of the term

Michael Marlow, Charlie Stevenson, Brooke Stevenson, Cully Morley, Kelsi Wood, Amy Hartle and Jorja Worell

Star of the term.

Taigan Buchanan, Amber Waterall, Regan Mardle, Lois Alton, Lucas Turner, Paige Turner and Freya Weightman.