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Our curriculum has been designed to provide an enriching and challenging curriculum which exposes children to wider world issues and experiences.

Our school moto ‘Learn Grow and Achieve is underpinned by our 5 school values ‘resilience, aspiration, creativity, respect and kindness’ which feeds into every aspect of our school and community. These values form the basis of our curriculum with reading at its heart.

Our curriculum is designed to develop all of our children academically, socially, and emotionally to equip them with the knowledge and skills they need and enable them to become happy, healthy and fulfilled, aspirational adults who actively engage with the world as global citizens regardless of background.

We offer a wide range of experiences to all children which empowers them, raises their self-esteem, and develops their wellbeing and cultural capital.


Central to our curriculum are Core Skills which underpin everything we do:


Active learning:

•To seek out and enjoy challenges

•To collaborate with others

•To show commitment and perseverance

•Assess themselves and others


Basic skills:

•To speak clearly and convey ideas confidently

•To read and communicate ideas in writing efficiently and effectively

•To calculate efficiently and apply skills to problems

•To use new technologies confidently and purposefully


Creative Thinking:

•To ask questions and extend their thinking

•To generate ideas and explore possibilities

•To overcome barriers by trying out alternatives or new solutions

•To connect ideas and experiences in inventive ways.


In designing learning experiences, we begin by identifying the curriculum content to be covered and the 'sticky knowledge' we wish children to acquire. This is taken from the 2014 National Curriculum. We then identify key concepts that are drawn out to allow different areas of the curriculum to be threaded together.

All our projects are contextualised, culturally relevant and purposeful. Children work towards authentic outcomes and engage with critical audiences. Examples of project outcomes include exhibitions at museums, creation of memory boxes to share at a care homes, published brochures about the area available at Estate agents for new families moving into the community. We are committed to working in partnership with parents, Governors, and our local community to provide the best experiences we can to enhance the learning and development of each child.

Year group curriculum overviews 2021-2022

Teaching for Learning


Building a curriculum to support the learning and  development of children is at the heart of what we do. Recent research is used to support this in school.



At Lawrence View Primary and Nursery School, early reading is taught using synthetic phonics as the main approach.  Children are systematically taught the 42 phones (sounds) over a 7 week period, using a multi-sensory approach. There are daily phonic sessions where the children are encouraged to blend the sounds for reading and segment the sounds for writing.  The school uses the principles and phases of the government’s ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme.  Additionally, children are gradually taught the high frequency ‘tricky’ words – those which are not phonetically regular. By combining these elements, children have the tools and skills to be able to write independently at an early age and are given lots of opportunities to apply their phonic skills throughout a rich and varied curriculum.


When the children have mastered this ‘Basic Code’ (one way of writing each of the 42 sounds) we continue to teach some of the alternative graphemes used to represent the sounds (the ‘Extended Code’).  This forms the majority of phonic work in Years 1, 2 and beyond. We continue to teach the ‘tricky’ words and also introduce key spelling strategies. 

Phonics is assessed regularly to monitor progress towards the Year 1 Phonics Test in May.


Link to letters and sounds:

Phonics Overview

Forest School.

Forest School is about using the outdoors to promote confidence, self-esteem and independence. At Lawrence View Primary we are passionate about developing the whole child, not just their academic ability. The benefits of Forest School to the children are many and include improved confidence, behaviour, concentration, independence, resilience, creativity and teamwork.

Our Forest School is led by Mrs Gascoigne who is a fully qualified Level 3 Forest School Leader.

Classes are taught outdoors in our school grounds and wooded area, and help children build their confidence, improve their teamwork and practical skills, and learn about natural environments. The children absolutely love being outdoors and embrace the games, challenges and activities with enthusiasm.

Within our school setting, children might participate in regular two-hour, weekly sessions over the course of a minimum of six weeks. The sessions, which include activities such as building dens, cooking over fires, knot-tying and making art with natural materials, this improves children’s experiences with the natural world.

Forest Schools

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