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Mrs Inquieti-Lamb, Mrs Senior, Miss Parry, Mrs Oliver, Mrs Bowles and Miss Harbon  would like to welcome you to the Foundation Unit. On this page you will find exciting class news, pictures and general information about the things your child has been doing in class.


Topic plans have been included on this page as well as resources you can use at home to support your child's learning. 


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Curriculum overview - Who lives in Castles?

Science Day...

...was amazing, Professor Bubbles showed us how to launch a 'rocket' and we learnt all about different animals and how to look after them from the people at 'Pets at Home' and Twycross zoo.  


The children were very brave!

Green Day

We learnt all about composting. What type of rubbish goes in a compost bin, what happens to that rubbish when it is in the bin and what animals help turn the rubbish into compost.


The children used magnifying glasses to look closely at the worms in the compost. 

Remembrance Day

We visited the local Cenotaph on Monday 11th November. The F2 children laid the class wreath they had made to remember all those who had fought in the war. 

Church Visit

To introduce the topic of 'Christmas', we walked to our local church to learn more about Christianity. The local church is made up of an older tower building and a modern main church building, as part of the church was burnt down during the 1970's. 

We listened to the story of Christmas, dressed up as people and animals from the Nativity and learnt about the different areas and objects in the Church. 


Library Visits

Foundation 2 love to visit the Library regularly. After our last visit we sang Christmas songs around the magnificent Christmas tree outside the library.

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Foundation Long Term Topic Plan