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Football Madness

This week we are going to have a football themed group activity, we would like to see how many' keep ups' you can do. We have a special message from Joe Worrall a Nottingham Forest Footballer to help encourage you along the way. It can be found by following the link below.

Special message from Joe Worrall


The rules are that you can use your body, legs, feet and knees. You can work together, or on your own and your parents can join in. You have no more than a minute to complete the task.

Your videos are always welcome and will be put on the school website if you manage to send us one.

We know this is quite a challenge this week, whatever you manage to do will be fantastic.

There are a few free footballs available in the school reception area for collection if you need one. Please only take one per family.

So everyone lets start practicing!!