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Summer Writing Challenge

Are you the next Roald Dahl? David Walliams? Anne Fine? Michael JK Rowling?


The Governors of Lynncroft would like to you a writing challenge. 

You should choose an activity, a place, person, or object that you have found and write about it.  We are encouraging you to be as creative as possible, for example: if writing narratively, could the place visited become special in some way? Could your object/person visited develop special powers?


Other ideas might be:

  • Non-fiction work – e.g. an information report, a persuasive leaflet to entice someone to visit your place or to use your object

  • Poetry – can you write a humorous poem? Perhaps a riddle?

  • A diary entry or letter to someone/or your older self


There will be several winners who will be rewarded with a special gift from the Governing Body.


Please submit your writing entries to Mrs Wallis by Friday 9th September. 

Good Luck