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As our children move through our school they can choose to read a rich, variety of different quality reading material. Our children are exposed to a wide selection of classic and modern literature along with good quality non-fiction, as well as poetry.

A wide selection of genres and reading material are always available in each classroom as well as in our various reading areas.

Outdoors, our children have the opportunity to spend time  in our 'Reading cottage' or to take a book into our forest area. During lunch-time a reading and quiet club are available for the children to attend if they wish, or they may choose to take a book or magazine into our wooden shelter which is situated on our playground.

 Our children are encouraged to read at home 5 times a week and we ask parent/carers to make a record of this in their home/school diary. The children are rewarded with Dojos for 5 reads, they are also entered into a weekly raffle where they are presented in our celebration assembly with a book of their choice.

Storytime is celebrated each day and each class builds in time for reading for pleasure where they can choose what they read, where they read and who they read with! We also give the children the opportunity to choose their own books from ELS. 





Reading at home

Finding letters and sounds books online.

Special reading bags

Each child at Lawrence View  took home a special reading for pleasure bag which included: a book, teddy and hot chocolate sachet. They were  decorated  during World Book Day. Children  are encouraged  to spend time together reading the book  as a family. Once read and enjoyed, the book can be  returned  back to school and the children will be able to swap their book for a new one. 

A big thank you to the PSA in helping fund this. There is also some information about reading at home. 


                       Guess Who?

 Our children took part in a Guess Who reading competition during lockdown. We had some fabulous entries, see how many children you recognise below.

Supporting readers at home

Lawrence View Reading Challenge

Can you read a different book or chapter of a book every day for a week in a different place each day at home/ in your garden?

Be creative!

Send your photographs to your class teacher in one go. We will collate and let you know who the winners are!

The staff at Lawrence View Primary will be reading bedtime stories for you to enjoy

Reading in  Lawrence View

            Spring 2 class reads


Handa’s Surprise

Easter Story


Year 1

Stanley's Stick

The see-saw


Year 2

The owl and the pussy cat

Tadpole's promise


Year 3

Cloud Tea Monkeys




Year 4        

Winter’s Child

Angela McAllister


The story of Tutankhamun

By Patricia Cleveland-Peck



Year 5


The Sleeper and the spindle

The Lost Happy Endings


Year 6

The boy in the tower

The Big book of the U.K





 Lawrence View's reading ambassadors 


Lawrence View Buddy Reading


Every Friday  our children have a reading session with their buddy.

The children are paired up with a child from another class. Our reading areas are always busy!

Year 6 and Year 3

Year 5 and Year 2

Year 4 and Year 1.


The children thoroughly enjoy these sessions, they are always eager to support and praise each other.


" I enjoy reading to other children and being read too." James

" I like reading in a different classroom"- Jacob

" Being a reading buddy gives me the opportunity to read to children in another classroom"-Keira

" I like my buddy writing comments in my reading diary"- Felicity



Lawrence View Library

" There are lots of different books to choose from, I like reading the magazines too"- Conner


"I like the den and chairs in the library" - Aarani







 Library visits

Each term all of our children visit Eastwood Library. During each visit they are able to choose books with their own library card, which can then be taken home and returned on their next visit. 

Ethan-"I like exploring the wider variety of book."

Charlie-"I enjoy sitting in the library to read."






Reading for pleasure

At Lawrence View the children love to choose to read in their class reading area throughout each day.


Foundation stage

Year 1                 

 " It's comfy and calm." - Emmy


        "I like to read in our book area because it's quiet and calm." - Charlie

Year 2 


Year 3   


"I enjoy reading on the floor."- Eva

Year 4 


Year 5   

" I like to read on my own."- Ella


Year 6 

"It is quiet, so I am able to concentrate and I like reading in the dark with the torches. My favourite books are the Non- fiction Space books"- Paul

World book Days

World book day 2022

World Book Day 2021

Lawrence View celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book character. We also entered a competition for which we had to  decorate  a potato as a book character.

Mr.David Hill Lawrence View's chair of governors officially opened our reading cottage on March 6th 2020. Mrs Christine Hill kindly donated a beautiful clock to be displayed in the reading cottage.                               World Book Day 2020


On March 6th 2020, Mr.David Hill our chair of governors officially opened our new reading cottage. Mrs Christine Hill very kindly donated a beautiful clock that will be displayed inside the reading cottage.

Lawrence View reading volunteer




Once a week we have  reading volunteers who come into our school to support our children with 1-1 reading. Our children really enjoy these sessions.



Alicia -"I play vowel games and we read lots of books together"

Kamil- "I get lots of help with 'tricky words' and I am a more confident reader now"