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Staff List

Emma McGrenaghan  (Headteacher)
Chris Blackburn  AHT (Maths,ICT and learning lead)
Miss Stevenson (Year Assistant  HT and SENCO)
Jane Inquieti-Lamb (Early Years Leader)
Fiona Senior F2  (Art and Design Lead)
Heidi Parry F1 and 2  (PSHCE Healthy Schools)
Chloe Briggs (Yr 1)
Helen Robinson Y2 (English,Music,Coaching,RE Lead)
Amy Ward ( Y4)
Claire McGarr Yr 5 (Humanities)
Sophie Stevenson Y5 (Science and Music Lead)
Anglea Bowles (TA)
Cheryl Oliver (TA)
Laura Lord    (TA - Behaviour Lead)
Kylie Stack (TA)
Andrea Allcock (TA)
Becky Gascoigne (TA-Pastoral Lead)
Emma Walker (TA)
Claire Weightman (TA)
Toni Fletcher (Apprentice TA)
Becky Charlton (TA)
Sue Stocks (TA)
Ellie Espinoza (Apprentice TA)
Chloe Barlow (TA maternity cover)
Claire Greasby (Business Manager)
Hannah Allcock (Apprentice Administrator)
Angie Dixon (School cook)
Louise Whysall   (Kitchen Assistant)
Mauren Ufton (Mid-day supervisor)
Karen Spencer (Mid-day supervisor)
Barbara Ball (Mid-day supervisor)
Gemma Harbon (TA)
John Bird (Caretaker)